Chiropractic Care and Sciatica


The symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Sciatica

The sciatic nerves are the largest and longest nerves in the body. They are usually as round as your thumb and extend from the lower back all the way down the back of the leg. Sciatica is the condition that occurs when these nerves become irritated or inflamed.

Vertebral Subluxation Complex is one of the most common causes of sciatic leg pain. This can also be accompanied by a bulging or herniated disc. This can put pressure on the sciatic nerves and cause intense pain shooting down the back of the legs.

Pain medications, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, and surgery have been the normal treatments for this problem. Dr. Tom’s approach to this problem is to remove the pressure from these nerves. His adjustments are very effective in reducing this pain. This is another health problem that may be related to the spine. Through adjustments, the spine is restored to its proper position which alleviates the pain.