Chiropractic Care and Subluxation Degeneration


Stages of Subluxation Degeneration

If spinal damage goes uncorrected, the body deposits calcium on bone surfaces that are adjacent to bones that are not moving properly. Over time, if this condition is not treated, bones may become completely fused. This process is called Subluxation Degeneration. This process can occur throughout the entire spine. Researchers have pointed out the different phases of spinal decay:

PHASE ONE: Usually seen as the misalignment and malfunction of the spine. During this phase, the normal motion, curves, and disc spacings in the spine are altered. The first phase usually goes undetected because the body adapts to these changes in the spine. Consequently, phase one usually goes untreated.

PHASE TWO: During this phase, there will be signs of the condition that will appear in a X-ray. There will be visible bone spurs and rough edges on the vertebrae of the spine. In Phase Two there still may not be any pain present.

PHASE THREE: If the condition goes untreated, eventual fusion of the spine, atrophy, permanent nerve damage, and soft tissue damage will be prevalent. This will cause reduced mobility and impaired nervous system function. This will diminish a person's quality of life. This is a condition that you would not want to leave untreated.