Pregnancy Massage with Certified Massage Therpist

Prenatal Massage Therapy

The Lindstrom Chiropractic Clinic is proud to offer pregnancy massage treatments. As part of Dr. Lindstrom’s belief that massage and advanced therapies can work together, it was only natural that the clinic would offer prenatal chiropractic massage. Using massage for pregnant women as therapy has been around for centuries. Carrying a baby puts a lot of stress on the mother. Getting a massage while pregnant is not only safe but it can be very helpful. It can be an important part of a care plan for any pregnancy.

What do they do in a prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage techniques are based in the Swedish style of massage therapy. Swedish massage is the most common style. It includes sweeping movements of the hands over the muscles, kneading, and light tapping. Unlike a standard massage, where you, at times, lay on your stomach, a maternity massage is done while you either lay on your side or on your back. This is to help protect the fetus from any unnecessary pressure being applied to the stomach while laying face down.

The deep pressure usually applied in a regular massage will be avoided in a prenatal therapeutic massage. A certified pregnancy massage therapist will know which areas of the body to massage to ensure that it is safe while providing you all the benefits that come with a treatment.

Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

There are many benefits of a prenatal massage. Some advantages of getting a massage during pregnancy include helping to regulate your hormones and relieving back and joint pain.

When should you get a prenatal massage?

A prenatal chiropractic massage can be safe during any trimester but most doctors will suggest only getting them during the second or third trimester. This is due to the elevated risk of miscarriage during those first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. As with any pregnancy care, Dr. Lindstrom will work with you to come up with a therapy schedule to maximize your health and overall well being while also reducing any risks involved.

Certified Therapists

As with all care related to pregnancy, you want to make sure you are seeing therapists properly trained to deal with the special needs related to pregnancy. The Lindstrom Chiropractic Clinic has multiple certified therapists on staff. A certification will ensure your therapist has been properly trained in pregnancy massage techniques. You can see which therapists are a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist on our staff page. With certified therapists on staff, you will have no problem scheduling a pregnancy safe massage treatment. Contact Us Today!